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Syndicate Sudokumo

We are very happy to syndicate our Sudokumo game with any publication anywhere in the world. We can brand the game after your own preferences, even make changes to it that you require. If you provide us with a translation we can even offer the game in your language! If you have a syndication proposal or would just like to talk the matter over please contact us via e-mail on
and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Worldwide distributors

We are currently looking for mobile content distributors to market and sell the Sudokumo game around the world. If you have an opportunity to market and distribute the world's best Sudoku mobile application in your country/ies please do not hesitate to contact us!

Branding the product

We are able and happy to supply you with a branded product for use with your publication. This means your publication can further build your own brand, supply an exceptional playing experience and make revenue from it.

Our unique selling point(s)

The best reasons to choose Sudokumo in front of any other application is the fact that it provides a great Sudoku playing experience, runs on almost any Java enabled mobile device, it is easy to use, we can supply an infinite number of games, the game can be branded and translated - and not least, we are only too happy to work with you to tailor the application to your needs and market.

Time to market

Another distinct advantage of Sudokumo before other mobile game applications is our time to market. The application runs on almost all Java enabled handsets and it takes minutes to brand. If you have an existing infrastructure for marketing mobile content and receiving payments in your region you can be distributing Sudokumo in a couple of hours!
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Did you know...
...that all Sudokumo puzzles can be solved by using logic alone?

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