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How to download Sudokumo

It is really simple to download the game! All you need is to be able to use WAP.

Buy the game

Just click a Buy Now button on this site and you will be transferred to PayPal to safely and securely complete payment. Your payment is encrypted and the only ones who will know your details are PayPal.

Download using WAP

When you have completed your payment you will be directed back to our site. You will now be presented with a PIN - take note of this. Then, on your mobile phone, point your WAP browser to
where you find a box in which to enter your PIN. Click Next and the game will download. Your phone may present you with more information - just follow the instructions it gives you!

Only one download

Please note that you can only download your newly purchased game once - although if you buy the game again it will contain new puzzles.
Try for free!
If you would like to try out Sudokumo before you buy the full, unique version you can download a free sample!
Download it now!

Did you know...
...that Sudokumo runs on the vast majority of Java enabled phones?

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