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It's so easy to play on your mobile!

Even if you have never before downloaded games to your mobile phone it is really simple to start playing Sudokumo!

How do I order?

By following the instructions on this web site (select a page in the list below) you order the game by making a PayPal payment. When you are transferred back from PayPal to our site you will get instructions on how to connect to our server via WAP and download the game - it's very simple. You will then find it in the games section of your mobile phone!

How do I play?

When you have ordered and downloaded your game you find it in the games sectino of your mobile phone. Open it in this section and then we think everything will be quite self explanatory.

Using the menus

When you navigate the game menus you always have two commands (often displayed in the bottom part of the screen) available, each of which has an assigned button that is different on different mobile phones. Use your up, down, left and right buttons to navigate the menus and make your choises.

Navigating the game

When you have started a game you use Up (2), Down (8), Left (4) and Right (6) to select a cell. When you want to enter a digit you press 5 and then the digit. If you press 5 and then 0 the cell contents is cleared.

Highlight wrong entries

If you would like some slight help solving your puzzle you can in the Settings menu select to let the game highlight erroneous entries. Cells with the wrong numbers in them then become red!

Highlight original numbers

Another choice you can make in the Settings menu is whether the puzzle's original numbers are highlighted or not. By default this option is active so that you can easily see which numbers belog to the puzzle and which you have entered yourself.

Check your solution

When you have entered numbers in all the cells of the grid the right hand side menu choise becomes Check. When you click this your solution is checked. If it is correct you are presented with the choice to report your solution to us. If you do report it you are able to enter our competitions and see your statistics on this web site. We don't charge for your reports but it uses WAP and depending on your contract you may be charged by your operator for this.
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Did you know...
...that Sudokumo runs on the vast majority of Java enabled phones?

It's simple to play!

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