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What phones Sudokumo works with

In order to download and play Sudokumo you need a mobile phone that runs Java applications and a contract or top-up card.

Contract or top-up

You must have a mobile phone contract or top-up card in order to download the game.


Your tarrif must let you use WAP and this must be set up on your phone. Please note that your tarrif may charge you for the use of WAP - although we make Sudokumo as small as possible to make downloading fast and cheap. Also note that some networks may not allow you to access WAP content on the internet, for example the 3 network. If in doubt please check with your network first.

A mobile phone with Java

In order to make Sudokumo easy to use and work for as many people as possible it is based on MIDP 1.0. Most mobile phones with Java have MIDP 1.0 or 2.0 (which also works well!) but if you are not sure then please do check your mobile phone user's manual.
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Did you know...
...that each time you download Sudokumo from us it is the very latest version of the game?

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