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It is simple to contact us at and we are happy to help if you have a problem. Just please make sure to contact us on the right address to that the right person gets your e-mail!

If you have a problem

If you have a problem with your Sudokumo game then please get in touch on the e-mail address
Please be careful to include information about your cell phone (brand and model) and your PIN if you have been issued with one subsequent to completed payment.

Subscription services

We work with a number of distributors in different parts of the world who offer Sudokumo on a subscription basis. If you wish to cancel your subscription please first see the instructions you received from the distributor and note that additional information is available in the Get More section within the game. If you have further questions about your subscription please contact the distributor directly.

Contact us for any other reason

If you would like to write to us with business matters please e-mail on

The business

Sudokumo is based in the United Kingdom and our address is 118 Walnut Tree Close, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 4UQ.
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...that each time you download Sudokumo from us it is the very latest version of the game?

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