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Puzzle difficulty

When you order Sudokumo with the normal ten puzzles or Super-Sudokumo with 30 unique puzzles you will get boards of random difficulty. You can see the difficulty of each board that you play in the game board list.

Choose yourself

If you would like to order ten easy, medium or hard games then that is just as simple to do! Just click the button below corresponding to your level of difficulty and your Sudokumo game will be delivered with ten games of that difficulty.

Unique games

As always when you order a Sudokumo game the puzzles are ones you have not played before - so when you're finished you can just order another batch!
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If you would like to try out Sudokumo before you buy the full, unique version you can download a free sample!
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Did you know...
...that we would love your input on how to make the game better? Write to us!

10 easy puzzles $2.50

10 medium puzzles $2.50

10 hard puzzles $2.50

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