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Play Sudoku on your cell!

If you have ever played the japanese numbers game Sudoku you know just how gripping it is. If you have never tried the game you can still be playing within a few minutes!

Play on your cell

Sudokumo is a mobile Sudoku game based on Java. It is fast and easy to download to your cell phone. Each game includes ten or more puzzles and you can download new ones however often you want!

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It is so simple to buy Sudokumo for your cell - and cheap! We accept your payment via PayPal so you can be really sure it's safe! You can pay using your credit card or if you have a PayPal account you can use that.
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If you would like to try out Sudokumo before you buy the full, unique version you can download a free sample!
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Did you know...
...that all Sudokumo puzzles can be solved by using logic alone?

Sudokumo on your cell

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